Planmeca dimaxis

Planmeca dimaxis

NOTE: Conversions must be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance. When you do need us, though, it’s great to know the MOGO technical support team recently topped Clinicians Report™ survey, rated the highest in customer support in the dental software industry. And while MOGO compares the most favorably on both these fronts, here are a few additional areas we think you’ll agree are also pretty important: Upgrading from other software? That said, you’ll find our software very user-friendly, with little need for assistance. This will allow you to manage all of your images in one database, rather than switching back and forth between different softwares.

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All new feature development and hardware integration will be intended for XrayVision 9. MOGO has direct interfaces with many popular Imaging Systems, enabling automatic capture and filing of images and x-rays directly into your MOGO Software. If you do not see your software in the complete list above, please, and we will work with you to enable your software to be converted. We will work personally with your office to guarantee that the conversion results meet your expectations. It’s easy, fool-proof, and eliminates the need for third-party Imaging Software. ) and costs are key. Our in-house technical whizzes will evaluate your current database at no cost and provide a Guarantee of Conversion prior to you purchasing MOGO software. Following are a few of the Imaging Systems MOGO software interfaces with: With MOGO Cloud, you have access to unlimited tech support. With our Database Conversion service, we can merge the x-rays, scans, photos, and templates from your previous dental imaging software into the Apteryx Imaging database. You have no costs or commitments to move forward unless you’re fully satisfied with our guarantee. Users of retired OEMs of XrayVision can upgrade to the latest version by. Want to know why? Apteryx recommends that you keep your system current and continue to update to the most current version. Certainly comparing (have we mentioned, we have them all included?

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Development for XrayVision 8 has officially ended. What’s the right software for your office? Apteryx cannot guarantee compatibility of future hardware features or imaging extensions within XV8. Read the from other dentists and specialists using MOGO. This page contains the Release and Beta version upgraders for Apteryx software products and components. Legacy plugins may not work with the latest capture hardware drivers, operating systems, or versions of Apteryx Imaging. The conversion will also maintain image quality, patient demographic data, tooth numbers, taken dates, etc. We can help with that. The list of supported imaging software conversion is constantly growing. Note: Upgraders in the section are older plugins that have been superseded by newer drivers and/or Apteryx plugins. Please contact your appropriate technical support provider or for more information. We also highly recommend performing a trial conversion as soon ahead of the go-live date as possible.